Rampaging into sight last year with releases on Unknown Precept and Mannequin, the delightfully-named French artist Maoupa Mazzocchetti brought a sense of fun and sonic unpredictability to the world of experimental electronics that aligned him with Beau Wanzer. A good place to be. The bizarrely-titled Laugh Tool is the debut album from Brussels-based Mazzocchetti, marking a strong start to 2016 for Ale Adriani's Mannequin, and opens up a whole new dimension of his bedroom dabbling with malfunctioning equipment. Over in just 40 minutes, Laugh Tool delights, confounds, disgusts, and arouses in equal measures and suggests Mazzocchetti is a worthy modern torchbearer for the wilful experimentalist approach taken by Chrislo Haas and Beate Bartel back in the early '80s.


Label: Mannequin Records

Catalog No.: MNQ080


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